Sue with our neighborhood dog Bonjuk. Ankara 1969Sue & Ron photographing birds with us. Spring 2015Valentine's Day 2015. After a Dockside breakfast.Ankara 1970Christmas morning in our livingroom.Sue sent me this image. Your guess is as good as mine!On the beach in Athens Greece. 1970Our hotel in Athens Greece. 1970Sue in the middle of the street in front of our apartment building. 1969Sue with my sisters Kathy & Patty. 1970Sue with my sister Kathy. And a camel. Near Thessaloniki Greece. 1970Shopping and touring Beirut Lebanon with friends. 1970Shopping in Beirut Lebanon with friends. 1970Making Christmas Dinner in our apartment. 1969Playing with my sisters in Ankara. 1970Ron & Sue at our home in Asheville NC. 2018Sue with Terry (me) and Cindy Costelloe. 2016 And Chewie!Sue climbing down Cleopatra's Gate in Tarsus, in Mersin Province, Turkey. 1971Sue with her eyes closed (as usual) with my little sister Kathy. 1970This is Sue telling on a bus to Konya Turkey to see the Whirling Dervishes.